Gifting Program

This is the core of Touhou Tee Project! 

To send beautiful graphic tee to Touhou lovers as a gift! 

I once received a gift of Touhou stickers, and I was so happy that I want to share this kind of happiness to all of toho fans. 

And this program is here for people who cannot afford to make a purchase but still want one of these toho graphic tees.


When you sign up in Gifting Program, you will be in a queue to receive a free Touhou tee, you will be able to choose your favorite design when your queue time is up. The length of queue period depends on the amount of funds come from sales commission, donation, and Kellet myself. The more fund Touhou Tee Project received the shorter the queue time it will be, vice versa. 


First come first serve base


Touhou Tee Project / Kellet

Touhou Project © Team Shanghai Alice / Zun