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to make it last...

Toho tee project continuously seeking improvement for better clothing,

and distribute it into touhou lovers by Tee Tester program and Gift list program.


These two program need funds to keep on running,

as you may know, Toho tee project is basically relying on kellet's (me~) funding,

there are times that the funding is very restricted and resulting in

the deduction of scale and downtime of Tee Tester and Gift list program. 


Touhou Tee Project is made to be sustainable and last for some long times. 

However, in the funding section, the truth is

there are always some uncertainty that may bring tee project to sleep or stop. 


Donation come from you and various touhou lover is the force

to help Toho tee project keep running during a harsh time. 

So if you like this and want to support it to make it through some harsh time,

come make a donation~ 

Give tee project a push to keep it on momentum! 


How to donate?

Tee project accepts donation through Paypal.

If you don't know what it is, but own a credit card that can do online shopping, you can open an account in PayPal very easily.

If you don't own a credit card, then you can find a local proxy shopping agency to help you do the donation.


After clicking into the donate now button above, you will see a page that you can input an amount and choose your currency to donate, don't forget to attach a message telling me who you are and some words to be displayed on this page below~

How much do I have to donate?

You can donate any amount in any currency at any time you like! Seriously, no one will get mad even if you donate 5 Japanese yen every time you stop by just like doing a shrine visiting (*´∀`*)ゞ.

But if you are asking how much tee project needs, then here is the expenses list for your reference: 

Seasonal fashion Print & pattern trend report (once every 6 months)

USD 80


Tee Tester Program Sample (average x6 per batch, one batch per month)

USD 145


Gift List Program Order (average x5 per batch, one batch per month)

USD 117


Website hosting (once per month)

USD 8.5

Who Donated?

TWD133 by Mr. Tseng 曾先生
28 April, 2018
"衣服收到摟(魔里沙款) 很喜歡 , 這是運費和個人微薄的心力 請笑納"

Touhou Tee Project / Kellet

Touhou Project © Team Shanghai Alice / Zun