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Archived design

Yuuto Ichika - blukyu

Custom design for Yuuto lover


Collaboration with the Facebook group Touhou Hell Admin & Chair

In multiple color and garment

Available Now

Mushroom Expert

Marisa's excellent magic is built from serious hard work, her expertise in mushroom is the best proof of it.


This design tells everything about Marisa's magic feature, in a clean and unerasable impressive presentation. 


Being ordinary will never restrict the degree of success you can get, this graphic tee will carry the sprite when you push yourself to the next level.

Marisa Magic Firework

Whenever there is a firework in Gensokyo, you can always see Marisa's trace, Marisa is very good at firework due to her magic style.

When the firework beautifully blooms in the sky, Marisa has to work hard in the dark. As a result, the grand magic firework always reflects Marisa's personality, beliefs, and lifestyle, a stunning gorgeous evanescent life.


This graphic tee is only made once for who understand Marisa and whom will make their limited short life a sparkling excited one. 

web mock pic big.jpg

Kijin Seija theme

A miracle mallet replica with 8 other powerful item will help you win over all the impossible battle in life, but be careful, this T-shirt has been reported being haunted with Seija's twisted mind, your thinking may affect by it and look weird from others.


Multiple colors, available, chat to order.


hecatia n mock web big.jpg

Hecatia theme

Redesign T-shirt for our goddess of hell, trinity appearance with mysteries symbol presented in a rock-friendly polygon. Now it doesn't look weird isn't it Sanae?


Only on dark color garment, available, chat to order.

eternity lava w2 mock web big.jpg

Eternity Larva theme

Butterfly fairy from th16!

How many times have you beaten her in th16? Must you know her theme song "A Midsummer Fairy's Dream" very well don't you? 


Multiple colors, available, chat to order.

mock spark w web show big.jpg

Marisa theme

A message sparking from mini-hakkero:

 b̶o̶r̶r̶o̶w̶  loot *:・゚✧

That's how Marisa is, watch your heart!

She has a bad record of stealing it!


Multiple colors, available, chat to order.

Magic cannon

Marisa's mini-Hakkero no doubt is the most powerful magic cannon ever seen, it even has it's own hazard warning label now.

People will instantly understand the amazing superb power of Master Spark when they see this tailor-made warning sign.


Yuuto Ichika - A Touhou Hell Original

Custom design for Yuuto lover


Collaboration with the Facebook group Touhou Hell Admin & Chair

In multiple color and garment

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Reimu Haru Mind

Reimu is known as having a springy mind, a true Reimu lover would know, spring is the time when different species raise and start their wonderful life, a spring-minded miko is the best miko to guard Gensokyo's wonderful multispecies nation. 

Haru-max is the ultimate Gensokyo Miko Hakurei Reimu's mindset.



This is the rule:
When she carries a saisen bako in front of you, you better put a coin there, or a terrible accident happens.


Reimu's Equality

Reimu sees everyone the same

No matter who or what you are, where you come from, 

it's all the same...(except you donate)


Redditaisai 3 memorial graphic tee participant edition

Every submission in this convention, no matter it is music, illustration, fangame, or handcrafted, it does not come easy. It all probably been through some struggle to be made, creator came over the bitter in the process and gather together in this day, sharing their art piece made by heart. This graphic tee is here to celebrate the effort being made for this year's Redditaisai and memorize the joy of discovering amazing fan work in 2018 July 28th.


Haru desu yo!!

Lily White is always cheerful, her danmaku is the purest expression of excitement, she is there to tell us a message: 

While you beaten down by danmaku and feel could never move on to the next stage, please always remember the purest joy of dodging danmaku when you first finish clearing a stage, gain back the excitement, stand up one more time, and back in the game more time, enjoy the pure joy of danmaku, then maybe... you will find the way to the next stage!!

Subterranean koi - Unconscious love

Is your love to Koishi a subconscious?

One serving only

In multiple color and garment

Available, chat to order

Yuuto Ichika - Pride of Magician

Custom design for Yuuto lover


Collaboration with the Facebook group Touhou Hell Admin & Chair

In multiple color and garment

Available Now

Touhou Tee Project / Kellet

Touhou Project © Team Shanghai Alice / Zun