Cozy third-eye

mind reading youkai 


In multiple color and garment

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Komeiji cherry

⚡️The sharpness of a crowned 3rd eye⚡️

 In multiple color and garment

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Komeiji cherry

Botanical species named after Komeiji sister

In multiple color and garment

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Right behind you - Koishi x urban legend

Hello, This is ***, I am right behind you

One serving only
In multiple color and garment

[ Closed ]

18/19 AW

Komeiji Sister


Recent activity and announcement

As our last winter

Published on 1st November

Greetings, Touhou lover!


We will release our design more frequent, one design at a time, the first buyer of a design will now have a choice of whether keep it one serving only or share with the others.


Thank you for the support from the community in the past two months, Touhou tee project earned the privilege to stay with you for a little longer this winter.


Every design coming out will be treated as the last few to be made.

The story of Touhou Tee Project

Touhou Tee Project is a doujin creation of Touhou Project, started at the end of 2017. 

Tee Project aims to produce and distribute Toho reference clothing for Toho lover,

currently focusing on graphic T-shirt. The making of every graphic tee design is contributed by various Toho community members, by a research and experimental purpose program, Tee Tester Program, to eliminate all negative factors that may cause the finished T-shirt not suitable for daily wear.

Finished T-shirt are distribute free through Gift List Program to Toho lover and can be purchased.


Touhou Tee Project was originally a personal work while Kellet in searching for a nice Touhou tee, but couldn't find one which don't looks like the tradition otaku T-shirt with an anime girl printed on it.

In a result, Kellet cam up with an idea to DIY a custom design Toho tee that without Toho girl but still looks identifiable Toho referenced, and mix with trending fashion element in a good quality garment, which can be worn daily. Then the idea transformed into this Touhou Tee Project,

to share the designs with all Toho lovers.



With the generous support of Toho communities, Tee Project is now able to bring in some eye-catching Toho clothing design. Let's look decent while preaching!

May Touhou spread like spring, beautifully and unstoppable!  (/^▽^)/

Touhou Tee Project / Kellet

Touhou Project © Team Shanghai Alice / Zun